Authenticity lives on.
Artisan charcuterers since 1910

Made as our grandparents did

Our products are from the countryside, from the land. Made with the traditional methods that go back a lifetime. Made in Moja, the town where we were born. In the Alt Penedès region. With respect for good food and without a hurry.


Sausages, the same as ever

Our origins in traditional village charcuterie has led us to develop an extensive range of products. All made in-house. “From nose to tail”.
Artisanal products to achieve honest, authentic flavours as made by farmers. We de-bone the turkey breasts by hand and then cook them slowly in the oven. We cook our ham in the tin at low temperature. We respect the calm and unhurried curing of our cured products. We cook the meat in a traditional pot and stuff our sausages into natural casings.

Since 1910

Five generations of charcuterers

The craft of charcuterie has inspired our family for five generations. And to this day we continue to honour it with passion and dedication, evolving without losing our essence and believing that authenticity is the way to continue growing.

our commitment and responsibility from the origin

Animal welfare

Most of our products are certified by the Welfair organisation with the Animal Welfare certification. This guarantees that our suppliers monitor the welfare of the animals during all stages of their growth in these four areas: food, housing, health and behaviour.

Our turkey products

Turkey for the best charcuteries

Mitjans turkey products are unique and inimitable: a genuine reference point in the best charcuteries, they are made from carefully selected turkeys raised on a traditional diet. They are the most natural of products, free from allergens.

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