Semi-fresh sausages

The authentic taste of the village

Every day at 6 o’clock in the morning, we receive the fresh meat for that day’s production. We use the finest cuts to achieve an excellent flavour.

Following our grandparents’ recipes, we clean and prepare the meat and spices, we chop them in the grinder and later stuff them into natural casings. This is where each product takes on its characteristic shape.



Semi-cured traditional charcuterie products. A selection of the leanest pork meats and the best paprika from Murcia, to obtain characteristic products with a light spicy flavour. Chopped and seasoned according to our traditional recipe and subjected to an unhurried semi-curing process without the appearance of flora, thus conferring a rounded shape and an intensity of colour and flavour.

Grilling sausages BBQ

Semi-cured product made from a careful selection of meats and spices. 100% natural, without colourings, lactose or gluten and vacuum-packed for better conservation. BBQrues are easy to cook and marry well with other foods. It is a gastronomic product thanks to the quality of the raw ingredients.