Cooked ham

The quintessential cooked ham

Our tinned Extra Cooked Ham is made with whole pieces of Duroc crossbreed ham. Traditionally fed with cereals and vegetable feed, it is an exceptional raw ingredient. The Duroc breed has organoleptic characteristics that are significantly superior to those of other breeds: it provides more flavour and texture, allowing us to use less salt.

Confit® Duroc Cooked Ham

To make Extra Mitjans Cooked Ham, we macerate the ham with vegetables and spices, can it and cook it at low temperature in the oven. Subsequently, we let it mature for a minimum of 2 months, during which a transformation takes place, setting the flavours between the meat and the cooking juices that enhance all the organoleptic characteristics of this sensational product and give it its inimitable texture: fine and honeyed. Lean and healthy: high protein content of high biological value, essential vitamins and iron. Available in whole pieces (canned and/or uncanned) and in artisan slices.