More than 110 years of the charcuterie craft


Moja. Alt Penedès. 1910

The origins of our firm date back to the end of the 19th century, when our great-great-grandparents opened a shop, and later a workshop that served as a pantry for the village farmers, and daily supplied all kinds of food and sausages that the family made from animals slaughtered at home. In 1910, we have evidence of the first homemade sausages: Catalan buttifara sausages.


Five generations of charcuterers

The craft of charcuterie has inspired our family for five generations. And to this day we continue to honour it with passion and dedication, evolving without losing our essence and believing that authenticity is the way to continue growing.


Rooted in the territory

The Penedès region is our home. A territory of wine, vineyards and farming. The rural environment and an appreciation of good wine and good food are in our DNA.


A team with experience

Over the years, we have developed a truly multi-disciplinary team. Experts in meat and ingredients who select the raw materials. Artisan butchers who make and prepare the products in the workshop. Quality Teams and Technicians obsessed with ensuring the excellence of the product that emerges from our workshop. Commercial teams experienced in the world of delicatessens who are always by the customer's side. And all managed by the Administration team.