Gastronomic pâtés and fondants

A world of flavours to enjoy and share

Starting from the inspiration of traditional French recipes, with our unhurried cooking at a low temperature in the oven, we seek balance and freshness of aromas and flavours. At Mitjans we have spent years developing the culture of pâté and elevating its gastronomic element. Always looking to innovate with new flavours and surprising combinations. From the best seasonal ingredients, such as vegetables and mushrooms, combined with duck liver.

Duck pâtés

Fine pâtés made with duck meat and macerated with wines or liqueurs, wild herbs or other seasonings. These are our most traditional recipes, inspired by the flavour of the typical stews of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Pâté with foie gras

The range of gastronomic pâtés contains a minimum of 20% foie-gras, combined with selected raw ingredients in order to blend flavours and textures in a unique way. Sweet and easy to spread, they are ideal for sharing and pairing with other dishes.

Foie-gras fondants

Our fondants are blends with a notable gastronomic character, with a fine and smooth texture, sweet and easy to spread. They contain a minimum of 50% foie-gras combined with premium ingredients (porcini mushrooms, truffle, etc.): the ideal surprise for those most special occasions.

Regional Pâte with truffles and cava

Delicious meat and liver pâté made according to our grandmother's recipe, with cava and truffle that give it a balanced flavour and a unique texture, which allows it to be cut and spread on bread. It is cooked as it was done in the old days, in a high-temperature oven so that it also takes on the roasting aromas.

Mountain pâte

Our most rustic and traditional pâté, made with the best cuts of meat and based on our family recipes, it is cooked slowly in the oven at a low temperature to enhance all of its exquisite flavour.


Our selection of pâté specialties presented in practical terrines and ingots of 2/3 portions that will allow you to taste different varieties at the same time. They are easy to remove from the mould and they are perfect for presenting on a tray: just take out of the mould and serve. Surprise your loved ones or your guests with the originality of our exclusive gastronomic pâté specialities.