Made as our grandparents did


Raw Ingredients

Meat and natural, local ingredients

Quality has always been our priority, which is why our raw ingredients are the same as always. Every day, we receive the raw ingredients for that day’s production. We have healthy, good, fresh products from our land thanks to the solid commitment we make to local suppliers. Every morning at 6 o'clock, for more than 30 years, the same trusted supplier has brought us meat from nearby farms. We also receive vegetables and other fresh products on a daily basis, in many cases from our neighbouring farmers.


Artisan workshop

We continue to operate the workshop in the artisanal way learned from our ancestors. Each of our product ranges is made in a different workshop where the traditional way of doing things is methodically reproduced. At the head of each workshop we have a specialist who, like the old craftsmen, is in charge of ensuring the various processes are carried out as they should be.

Guaranteed Quality

Quality as a foundation stone

As our grandmother used to say, “the shop is always impeccable, both what is seen and what is not seen”.
We work very hard to guarantee the food safety of our products and we carry out exhaustive checks on our facilities and processes. As a consequence, we have obtained the IFS certification, one of the highest quality standards at an international level.
Similarly, our commitment to quality and health leads us to use the minimum possible additives and carry out a thorough and constant check on allergens in our recipes.


New workshop, same philosophy

At the turn of the century we decided to keep moving forward: we invested in the construction of our new workshop located in the same municipality of Moja (Olèrdola), where our company started out.
Using the same work philosophy as in the traditional workshop but in new, larger facilities that incorporate the latest technology, it allows us to work in a more spacious and sustainable way, guaranteeing maximum food safety.