Cooked sausages

The essence of tradition

We have brought back the ancestral recipes from when pigs were slaughtered at home.

We return to our origins through the revival of culinary recipes from our territory in order to offer authentic ‘butifarra’ and ‘bull’ sausages.

We select the tastiest cuts of pork, season them, stuff them into natural casings and cook them slowly at a low temperature to maintain all the aromas.

White cooked sausage

Using the original age-old Mitjans family recipe, we make our sausages as our grandparents did. We select the tastiest cuts of pork, without using off-cuts, and we chop them and season them according to our family formula with salt and spices.

Later we stuff them into natural casings. Our cooking process is carried out very slowly at a low temperature in order to maintain and enhance all the aromas. The result is country sausages, as they have always been. Leaner and with less fat.

Black cooked sausage

The quintessential country product: we make it from the ingredients typical of the slaughterhouse, cooked in a traditional cooking pot. We season it according to our family recipe, adding spices and blood to give it its characteristic appearance and colouring. We stuff the mixture in natural casings and cook it again slowly at low temperature.

Egg sausage and Egg and truffle sausage

Our egg butifarra sausage was born out of the traditional Mardi Gras celebration, when we added fresh farm eggs to our hundred-year-old recipe which, when cooked slowly they give it a very different flavour and texture.

Black pudding with onion and pine-nuts

We make this traditional cooked sausage and season it with natural spices and cooked fresh onion. Stuffed in natural casings, we cook them slowly at a low temperature to obtain a unique, intense flavour.

Wild boar's head with pistachios

Made with meat from the head, we mix it with spices, liqueur and pistachios and cook it slowly, obtaining a unique sausage with an intense flavour.

Catalan cooked sausage

The Catalan butifarra is one of the most well-known and traditional Catalan cooked sausages. At Mitjans, we have been making it entirely by hand for more than 100 years, carefully selecting the finest cuts of pork and seasoning it according to our family recipe. Cooked slowly at low temperature, we obtain a full-flavour and more tender texture, with gentle and very aromatic flavours.


We make the traditional chicharrones by frying and pressing the pork rinds, forming them into golden, crunchy, delicious layers. They can be eaten alone or used, for example, as ingredients to make traditional Catalan ‘coca’ flatbread.