The excellence of the flavour

Our Foie-gras comes exclusively from the best small and medium-sized whole duck livers, guaranteeing raw ingredients of excellent quality. We cook them over low heat, gently, to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of this exquisite delicacy.

Block foie-gras 30% pieces

Made with 95% foie-gras duck livers, emulsified until a fine, compact pâté with excellent texture and flavour is obtained. It is presented packaged in a can, which allows a longer conservation.

Foie-gras entero micuit

Small and medium-sized duck livers are selected and made into a “mosaic” of whole liver pieces in a terrine or mould. It is seasoned with salt and pepper, the most suitable liqueur is added and it is cooked at a controlled temperature to obtain a product with an incomparable texture and flavour.