Turkey for the best charcuteries

We make our turkey products using whole pieces of turkey breast or thigh selected and raised on traditional feed.

We de-bone the pieces and clean them by hand and then macerate them with natural spices. Piece by piece. We bake them slowly at a low temperature, preserving them in their own juices and keeping the skin on. This way we enhance the texture and maintain all the flavour. Once cooked, we roast them and lightly smoke them over natural beech wood to obtain a delicious, sweet and aromatic product.

Our turkey range is a healthier option, low in fat, without sacrificing the gastronomic pleasure of a fibrous texture and a full-flavour taste.

Turkey breast

Made with whole turkey breast, with its skin on. We macerate it with spices and herbs, tie it by hand, piece by piece, in a net and subsequently roast it slowly in the oven at a low temperature. It’s then lightly smoked it over beech wood. 93% meat content.

Turkey leg

A boneless, skin-on turkey leg and thigh. Macerated with herbs and spices, each piece stuffed manually and tied in a net, slowly roasted in the oven at low temperature and lightly smoked over beech wood. A tastier and sweeter flavour than the breast. 93% meat content.

Turkey Pastrami

Our version of Pastrami, made using turkey breast. We macerate the breast for hours with original spices (peppers, garlic, coriander, pepper, onion, etc.), then we cook it at low temperature to obtain a tender, aromatic product. It has a flavour which is spicy and slightly piquant, and an exquisite honeyed and fibrous texture.

Turkey salchichón

Due to the climate of our region, the ‘secallona’ used to be the most commonly cured sausage in our country. The ease of curing this thinner product allowed us to have it almost all year round with unbeatable quality. At the time it became famous, both in our region and throughout the province. Later, in 2005, we developed the “didalets”, being more modern and easier to use.